Get Slack Notifications When Your Content is Shared on Reddit

Get in on conversations around your products, articles, blog posts, or anything else on your domain.

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Real-time Notifications

Get real-time notifications when your content is shared or discussed.

Channel Notifications / Stream Existing Posts

Post alerts arrive in a channel you specify. Get a stream of existing posts when you add your domain.


Monthly Price
Unlimited real-time post alerts
Alert your team in Slack
Unlimited domains monitored
Monitor new Reddit posts
Monitor top Reddit posts

Free plan: 2 active user limit, same features as Pro plan.

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Add Post Alert to your Slack team to start your 14-day free trial of the Top plan with unlimited users.

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After adding Post Alert to your team, you'll have access to the /post-alert slash command. Only the person adding the app will be able to configure alerts. Alerts will be delivered to the channel you selected, any team member you invite will receive post alerts.

  • Add domains to begin monitoring them
    /post-alert domains add
  • Remove domains to stop monitoring them
    /post-alert domains remove
  • These commands can take multiple domains
    /post-alert domains add
  • List monitored domains
    /post-alert domains
  • Send your feedback, I appreciate it!
    /post-alert feedback message
  • See this message
    /post-alert help

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